Ugo Mainetti 1945

Ugo Mainetti was born as son of farmers in Veltln andnow lives in Tirano. He learned the craft of a butcher and had his own butchery in Tirano for more than 20 years. Since he was12 years old, he painted. He exhibited his paintings, in which he processed dreams in his butchery, before he gave it up and exclusively devoted his life to painting. Ugo Mainetti issued at very different places in the world and received many prizes and awards. In avril 2016 we had the chance and pleasure to visit him in Tirano where he welcomed us to his studio and drove us to an exhibition of works held at the premises of a bank in Bormio. We met a sensitive both and gentle and humble man, who presented his works and numerous articles about him as well as numerous trophies that he, as if he were an athlete, had scored for his artistic achievements proudly. At the end of our visit we were similarly warmly adopted by him and his wife, as if we were close family members ..
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