A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Aconcha Santz


This photograph was taken during an exhibition of works by two of the artists. I didn't see this exhibition myself, but I was able to see works that were created there during a visit, I was touched and found them interesting and convincing. On the website www.tobias-haus.ch, the studio leads an absolute shadowy existence. Not least because of this, I offered to present my work on the website. It would have meant a lot for the artists to be able to show their work on the website and the website would have been enriched with some touching works.
The description of the institution;
The Tobias-Haus is a dormitory and a day care center at the same time. It offers people in need of mental care (adults with mental disabilities) a home, meaningful employment and a wide range of art and education. Adults who enjoy creative work and living together within a community are accepted. The aim of the Tobias-Haus is the well-being of the people cared for and promoting or maintaining as much independence as possible. Individual skills and abilities are taken into account...

It was therefore planned to set up a shop window for the artists of the anthroposphic urban institution, the Tobiashaus Zurich, but unfortunately it will not come to that!
The highly motivated manager, a stroke of luck from artist's point of view, who ensured that they were encouraged and motivated, was fired and replaced by a manager who seems to focus exclusively on the commercial side, and shows no interest in motivating talents and the people's well-being. The reorientation, which is highly regrettable for creativity, also led to the demotivation of the studio manager responsible for promoting the artists of the Tobiashaus, with whom the collaboration for the website was planned: the project vanished into thin air, so to speak! How sad for the artists of the previously promising and motivated day care center!

Incidentally, something similar seems to have happened in the Kraichgau workshop, where the two artists shown on the website, Michaela Mondelo and Michael Hall, work: There used to be a website that showed and promoted the artists' work.
The works were offered there and thus ended up on this website. The works are no longer shown.