A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Aconcha Santz


The Tobias House is a dormitory and day care center at the same time. It offers people in need of soul care (adults with mental disabilities) a home, meaningful employment and a wide range of arts and education. Adult people who enjoy creative work and living together within a community are accepted. The aim of the Tobias House is the well-being of the people being looked after and the promotion and maintenance of the greatest possible independence. The individual talents and abilities are dealt with.

It was originally planned to present artists who work in this anthroposophical urban institution, the Tobiashaus Zurich, on this website after the summer holidays, but the project has unfortunately been delayed and it is still uncertain whether it will actually be realized. This photo was taken during an exhibition of works by two of the artists. I haven't seen this exhibition myself, but I was able to see works that are being created there during a visit and I was touched and found them so interesting and convincing. On the website www.tobias-haus.ch, the studio leads an absolute shadowy existence. Not least because of this, I have offered to present some works on the website and I am convinced that it will mean a lot for the artists to be able to show their work here, and that the website will be enriched with some touching works at the same time. The project is delayed and, if given the green light, it will take some time before the artists can be seen online. I hope it will come about and I would be very happy to make it happen myself. At the moment, please be patient!