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I am happy that you have found this site and would be delighted if you let me know your ideas, criticism or praise. I like to keep the site actualized. As the original site in german ( is visited frequently, and for visitors speaking no german, there is an english version now. Feedbacks help to improve the site.

Three years ago, the remarquable drawings of Ernst Kolb, the Mannheim Art Brut artist, appeared on Ebay. I personally liked them and bought regullarly, until there was a small collection of which I sent a documentation to "RAWVISON" and the "Collection de l'Art Brut" in Lausanne. Both feedbacks were positive: «RAWVISION» agreed to present Kolb in an article (published in the issue #79 of august 2013) and the famous "Collection de l'Art Brut" in Lausanne bought twenty-six drawings of Kolb in december 2012.

When the drawings first appeared, Kolb was unknown, google would not find him or his drawings. In order to change this, I wrote an article about him in Wikipedia. I was successful with the copy, but for copyright reasons, uploads of drawings would have been accepted in 2063 only, 70 years after Kolb death...

For this reason, this site, showing drawings of my personal collection, got online in march 2013, first in german language, now in English as well. Kolb and his work and other artists of this site are present now and even visitors of Wikipedia can browse the drawings of Kolb via provided links.

Beside Ernst Kolb, there are numerous other artists. I am always looking for inspiring unknown artists too. You may contact me by email (, where you are most welcome: as a lover and collector of art brut, I am happy to get in touch with other interested and like-minded people and I will respond - I thank you for the visit, best,