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Aconcha Santz


Aconcha Sanz y Averhoff was born in 1946 in Havana (Cuba). Their ancestors came from Benin and belonged to Yoruba, the artistically rich tribe. She grew up in Cuba and experien-ced how your grandmother stitched patchwork rugs, there were goldsmiths, ther mother was tailoring and her aunt painted. Later, she migrated to France, where she lives and works. Even in exile, she works with textures, transparency, colors, sewing and mixtures of fibers and tries to stick to her roots, the traditions, rituals and initiations of their ancestors. She does not limit itself and uses the whole range of different techniques, painting, sculpture, drawing with tangible joy and pleasure. As eternal child she paints to protect herself in order to exist. Aconcha works simultaneously as a singer, writer, influenced by the magical world of the Orishas, ??Yoruba deities (the syncretic cult of Benin, better known under the name of Santeria in Cuba known) affected. Orishas are forces of nature, ritual called to support everyday life. Aconcha is part of the movement of contemporary primitive art, both in her painting as in her music. With her powerful voice, she interprets in a very personal way the essence of Cuban rope (intimate song) and expressing her feelings and emotions.

Aconcha Sanz