Pierre Albasser, *1936

Pierre Albasser was born 23 December 1936 in Mulhouse, Haut-Rhin. Eldest of four children of a worker of potash he came to Zillisheim, at the age of nine years where he learned French. After studying mathematics in Mulhouse, Strasbourg and Paris, he joined an engineering school in Lyon in the field of civil engineering, weds in Dusseldorf, where a daughter is born. After that they lived in Rio de Janeiro, Strasbourg and Versailles. As CEO of a large office for studies and stress he began to scribble on post-it* for meetings and telephone conversations.
In 1992 he retired early and began encouraged by his wife, to draw on a regular basis. First, his work circulated as "mail art" and appeared in various exhibitions dedicated to this form of art.
Pierre Albasser lives in in Marsilly, near the coast.He draws every day on the back of boxes of food or other items of daily use. This results in a variety of formats, and unexpected shapes of the working surfaces. With pen he drew streaks and hatching of human or animal forms. What he finds, pens, markers, pastels, watercolors, empty printer cartridges enrich his work: scratches, spots, stripes or spots of color supplement his small strokes. His work is intended solely for his wife Gudrun. She is the preferred expert for his work in the role of its curator. Pierre Albasser means the day his wife will be away, he would not draw ...

The drawing on the left, from 1993, was uploaded by Pierre Albasser in response to drawings of Ernst Kolb I had published on facebook: it ist fascinating how two artists in different countries, without knowing one another, have made similar drawings. In addition, examples an portrait from the Internet.

*three of these post-it drawings can be seen on this website as a gift of Mr. and Mrs Albasser. I would like to take the opportunitiy to thank them warmly at this place!