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Aleixo Rosalina


Lives in Freiburg.

Study at the workshop since 2013, one day a week at the CREHAM in Freiburg, http://www.creahm.ch/page/rosalina-aleixo

Rosalina ALEIXO layers geometric shapes like building blocks, creating entire cityscapes and landscapes. As the only artist of the exhibition "GO WEST" in 2016 in the "Musee Visionnaire" in Zurich, together with other artists from the French speaking part of Switzerland, she gets along without letters. She does not even put her initials on paper. A universally valid, infinite web of colored surfaces puts it above all else. The geometric forms are not limited to architecture, but are also continued in their environment limitless.

The following text about the artist, who may vary a bit due the translation from the French, is freely taken from the CREHAM website description of the work by the artist: Rosalinas Aleixo's works do not show reality, her themes are cities and castles, angels, princesses, plants and animals, which she intertwines in rhythmic compositions of geometric elements and ornamental structures, clear shapes and colors with almost musical vibration. With angels, castles, ornaments and colors, you want to express happiness and harmony.

Rosalina Aleixo