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Angkasapura Noviadi

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An indonesian artist living and working in Jakarta. Unfortunately, very little is known about him and his career. In June 2013 Angkasapura published his works on Facebook, among his Facebook-friends where other outsider artists presented on this website: George Jagiello and Damian Michaels.On Angkasapuras Facebook-account, he presents an album containing works for sale. From these drawings, the twenty drawings presented on this website have been selected and purchased in June 2013. When the shipment arrived in two parts, the artist had each time added an additional drawing and he had used the envelopes containing the 11 drawings inside the parcel as painting ground to carry two additional drawings as well.

Artist's statement (at the occasion of an exhibition at HENRY BOXER ART GALLERY): I was born on 25 November 1979, in Jayapura, the capital of the province of Irian Jaya, which has now changed its name to West Papua - Eastern Indonesia. Since childhood I liked to draw, even sculpt rocks and tree trunks, because where I live there is a river and a forest, but of course I did it just for fun. Later in 2003, the eve of the 24th birthday, I met a supernatural creature, which gives the message to live honestly and patiently. He gave me a title, namely: Raden Sastro Inggil. After that the drive to produce work was even greater and more intense. I love to draw, I want to build my own art museum, the Museum of Art Angkasapura - Raden Sastro Inggil, the contents of which may be a million drawings. This life's goal I will dedicate to my family, my children, so that they can see the evidence, that the first ancestors were noble, worthy to emulate, creating a work of art little by little until it becomes a masterpiece, which is built on the commitment and struggle, that contains the values of both honesty and patience.

I asked him about this supernatural creature, he said ' it felt like a dream but, I was not asleep at that time. I woke up and chased him, but he walked away, disappearing; so my brother was surprised and asked me "are you asleep and dreaming?" I told him "no" because it felt so real. I saw the creature clearly, he threw the letter (paper) which actually exists in writing - 1. honest, 2. patient, just those two words. that's what makes me feel so strange, I wanted to ask him, what does that mean? I do not understand.' Angkasapura has had exhibitions in reknown Galleries in the United States and Australia.
The Calvin-Morris Gallery, New York, has published a Catatogue which can be seen via http://issuu.com/cavinmorris/docs/final_3.27.15/ lefton top: possibly an autoportrait

Noviadi Angkasapura