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Peter M. Bauer was born in Wolnzach / Bavaria in 1946 - died in Recife Brazil in 2020. As early as 1960 he was engaged in art and worked in Stuttgart with ceramics, tapestries, batik and masks. For four years he studied fine arts with master Gerhard Schmid, and another three years with Dodo Kroner. From 1967 he devoted himself exclusively to painting.

In 1970 he developed a very personal painting technique and left the subject area of ??portraits to delve into the details of fauna and flora. These were fish, birds, fruits and the mystical unicorns - motifs that he keeps to this day. Peter M. Bauer works from small pictures to coarse formats.

When Peter M. Bauer spent his vacation in Pernambuco, Brazil, in 1987, he discovered the magic and magic of Olinda. He immediately fell in love with this city. In 1991 he bought the historic house at Rua do Amparo 215 and from then on lived in Olinda. The dream of living in the world heritage city became reality in 1999. Since the opening of the Pousada Peter and his studio in Rua do Amparo 215, he has welcomed people from all countries and continents and is visited by tourists from other centers in Brazil and all over the world.

Peter M. Bauer always took an active part in the German art scene. He had numerous exhibitions in various cities in Germany, as well as in New York and San Francisco. His pictures belong to public and private collections around the world. In Brazil he organized a number of successful exhibitions: in Patrymony Corpo e Arte (1995), Shopping Center Guararapes (1996), Oficina do Sabor / Olinda (1998) and the opening of his studio in Rua do Amparo 215 (1999). Its manager is Valdi Coutinho, journalist, art critic, artist and dramaturge.

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