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Aconcha Santz

Buoongermini"I allow myself to contact you because I have a set of four drawings of an Argentinean autodidact with mental disability, which she drew on restaurant table sets - I think they deserved a place in your collection. They were bought in Buenos Aires in 1990 in an exhibition. Yesterday I visited the Lord from whom they came. He is sick and moves to another flat. Everything was packed into cartons for the move, and I saw only four more drawings of about 20, the rest he sold to a collector. He had kept an eye on this work and, as he said, had bought all the 130 drawings of the exhibition together with a friend from childhood (director Philippe Lioret) in 1998-1999, but unfortunately I could give more information about the creator. He was glad that someone appreciated the uniqueness of these drawings and presented them together. My own search for the name Gustavo Enrique Buenongermini on the web unfortunately gave nothing »Thus the supplier of the drawings,

A fourth drawing, which was offered to me.

Gustavo Buongermini