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Délphine Cadoré was born in Paris in 1972. Her childhood was marked by the comings and goings of artists, painters, sculptors and photographers, what inspired her early to paint. As an autodidact, she had no real artistic training but experimented with all kinds of painting techniques, sometimes she uses canvas, cardboard, wood or perhaps metal soon. She has a preference for acrylic, but likes to mix pastel, oil pastel or collage. Sometimes she treats her canvases with scraping and cutting and at the same time, she has no objections to use not only brushes but even her fingers for her painting. She is influenced by various things, but in particular, she is fascinated by African art. "Emotions that a painting or a sculpture can make emerge, can evoke feelings that go far beyond the pure possibilities of the technical quality of an artwork: who was never touched by the drawing of a child? "(Delphine Cadore)
Bonjour, j'ai reçu votre courrier, un grand merci! Superb collection, merci beaucoup de me faire la partager - bien à vous! Delphine »


Délphie Cadoreé