A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Cesar Araos


"I am a self-taught artist born in 1975 and have no formal art training. The only art classes I had are those of the college. In high school, I practiced industrial design, which has nothing to do with art, but it can be seen in my work with outlook (even if they are weird sometimes). I loved as copy, at adolescence, characters from comics and album covers. I drew children to pass the time because I was very lonely. I imagined in my drawings in adventure scenes and I was building shelters, often perched on cliffs with very complicated access.
I dreamed as a child (secretly) to make a trade of creative monsters for cinema, which would have boosted my father! I started to redraw at 22 years, while I was in a psychotherapy to speak out things that had been impossible before.. I scribbled a lot in small size, then I improvised faces, always with hard expressions, frowning eyes (like me). I drew wrong, because I did not know how to draw by myself without a model. I then tried out on paper spontaneous forms, abstract, like Asian calligraphy, seeking pure forms and liberating emotions in loosening. I then found my style through the use of the pen with shading and curved shapes intertwined. I worked by association, repetition and transformation of shapes, trying to pass prudement an abstract form in a figurative form, while keeping the two together. I found a progressive technique, improvising on sheets checked in college, without thinking, while listening to the course. Today, I use pen and ink in the same spirit while more refined and abstract, without shadows and without hatching. I do not know too much or it will take me, I let myself be surprised and do not want to lock myself in an artistic movement or a particular style.

I try to express my feelings when I create a work without particular project. I'm listening to my feelings while building a boring visual ensemble .
I let my hand draw I could tell, even though my intellect intervenes too. But for me the best designs are those that are made ??as quickly as evidence, no doubt, without question. When this happens let go is really the movement of my hand to guide me, I am no longer the viewer marveling at what happens in my eyes this is what I could do better at this point. I do not have a particular philosophy regarding art. This is the work which contains the truth (which m'escapes and often surprises me when I rediscovered). I do not want to belong to an artistic movement, join me there, copy. Artists inspire me, of course, it certainly is in me, but when you have to draw, you must not think and do not try to do "in style". My approach works, it seems, of the singular art even if I did not recognize too. By cons I like the term "singular" that should concern all authentic and anxious to express something personal artist. I like my drawings and graphics are quite careful while having an overall coherence. My art is very abstract although emergence of very primitive figuration often occur at the corner of an abstract form. My work seems to me it revolves around the creation of the transition from inanimate to life. When a human or animal organism and emerges thing always amazes me. My works are currently small formats. I plan to move to a larger format work through painting .


Vincent Corrière