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Statement 2012: Quite a while back you purchased a piece from me and asked for a bit of info on me. Here goes! Marci Del Mastro was born and raised on the outskirts of Chicago's "blue collar south side." The first of her family to graduate from college, Marci studied general arts with a concentration in three dimensional art. Marci confesses that for the first 40 years of her life she absolutely hated drawing and wanted nothing to do with it. After graduating from college Marci stopped creating art and focused on writing poetry. Several years passed before her fierce desire to create re-emerged. With little money in pocket, three dimensional art was too expensive to pursue. In 2012, Marci found herself on an unlikely adventure when she began to experiment with drawing. With a blatant disregard for what she calls "technical reality," she began drawing oddly shaped faces. This is where her creative identity took flight and where her most important work began. Marci admits that she almost never has an idea in mind and that her process is purely spontaneous. The emotion she discovers in the facial expressions are what she considers the most important aspect of her work. She feels that each piece is "like a child showing itself to the world, it's always a surprise." Marci rarely names her pieces. She feels that in each face there is something familiar, a real person who looks like this drawing or an expression we identify with. She wants each viewer to assign their own story to a piece. "These faces represent each of us in our everlasting array of feelings and expressions."

Unlike this statement in which the artist speaks about her face-drawings, the drawing shown on the site combines two cats on a very small paper of the size of a credit-card.

October 2016: Guess what... I'm an artist, I have Bipolar AND I CAN NOT create when I'm depressed. The only thing I can guarantee is that I will shower, pee, poop, eat and brush my teeth. Aside from that, all bets are off because you will most likely lose. I 'm from Chicago where the weather is also Bipolar. The city is rich with crime and corruption but, I love it anyway. I once wrote and published poetry but, had to stop because falling asleep is difficult enough. Add poetry into the mix and I will never sleep. My brain runs faster than the speed of light and I go from Chicago to Africa in a millisecond. SOUND FUN... when I feel like doing cartwhells down the street, it's time to close up shop. AND YES, I LOVE cats AND YES, I'm a hermit. I bet you didn't guess that.

Anyway, let's get to my art. I've been creating for most of my life. Like Picasso, I've done it all. I've worked with clay, metal, stone, acrylic, pastels, etc. My style changes often SO, if you like this work you better get it now because in a few months I will be on to something else. I DETEST the act of "technical" drawing, probably because I suck at it. But hey, I am who I am and that's Marci Del Mastro. Finding the message in the page is like finding the sculpture inside the stone and I love it! I sincerely hope you appreciate my work because if you don't, I get my little feelings hurt. Feel free to contact me and thank you so much for stopping in!

Marci Del Mastro
Marci Del Mastro