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Houck Eric / e9Art


"I was born on January 10, 1948 in Kamen in North Rhine-Westphalia as an only child and grew up in Giessen an der Lahn, completed an apprenticeship as a nurse, left my parents' home early and made a living as a GoGo dancer, among others with Hazy Osterwald in the Switzerland, then returned to Giessen 1972 training as a physiotherapist after a middle-class marriage, they divorced 1990 I was an animator in the Club Aldiana in Turkey, 1991-1996 in the Club Aldiana in Senegal, where I fell in love with the country and the people and stayed, married in a polygamous marriage to Mamadou Kamara. We have been raising his children together since 1991. My small contribution is to ensure that the children have a good school education and enough to eat. In the meantime, I receive a minimum pension from Germany, as I failed to register when I was young and often worked unregistered.I got into painting very early and process te in it my feelings and my thoughts on world events. I've been painting every day for two and a half years now that I have a lot of free time. Our offspring have flown out to further their education and it only gets lively again during the holidays. My imagination translates what I feel and experience in the here and now into my pictures".