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Marie-Jeanne Faravel was born 2 July 1949 in the Saône-et-Loire and lives in Rives, near Grenoble. As a girl, she created clothes for her dolls and she loved to draw in school, especially with white ink and color pencils on black paper, which gives the drawings a soft look. With a a soft stroke, she creates a univers of arbabesks and mazes and shows a personal mythology with intricate beeings with spiral eyes and outstretched hands.

The enchanted world of fractals: Faravel discovered and devotes herself to that world of fractals, which has been made visible by the mathematician Mandelbrot forty years ago. Thanks to this scientist hidden things could be traced everywhere, be it in Gregorian chant, the rhythms of Pygmies, frost, ferns, pulmonary functions, Mozart's music. From the depths of the psyche and the fabulous infinity she creates a world that seems to open up a secret order in chaos.

Marie-Jeanne Faravel