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Paco Felici was born in 1970 as the son of Italian parents in Brazil and is now a self-taught American artists of the younger generation. His bold works are also regarded as a crossover between US pop art and Latin American folk art. During the day, Paco Felici is responsible for the government of Texas for contacts with the Hispanic population and at night he works as a folk artist.

In Lockhart, Texas, he works in the evenings in his narrow garage, with latex paint from hardware stores, he works quickly and often spends not more than 90 minutes for more complex pieces. He uses color generous, but not literally, exaggerated with familiar elements such as egg-shaped eyes noses and full lips. He paints cultural icons (Dolly Parton, Elvis, Shaquille O'Neal) and recognizable symbols (french fries box of McDonald's and Aunt Jemima).
Some of his fans compare this influence with Andy Warhol – "with the happy influence of colors enriched by Mexico" says Kathy Johnson, owner of Austin gallery that sells his labor.
This artist from Austin's funky folk art scene works as deputy director of communications in the Texas Attorney General's office advises and monitors the Spanish-speaking Hispanics communication with the media.
He says he does not know will go in which direction his career, he sees himself in many roles in which he could feel comfortable.y to find.

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Paco Felici