Willkommen in einer Sammlung von Art Brut und Aussenseiterkunst!Willkommen in einer Sammlung von Art Brut und Aussenseiterkunst!


Ernst Kolb

Atef Bio
This potrait and the three Maps where found in the 'internet.

More works of portrait and pictures from the internet. Jerry Gretzinger writes of himself: "In the summer of 1963 I began to draw a map of an imaginary city. The work began as doodling in the free time I had working at a boring job. I have used this map over the years I kept adding to it until I put it aside to pursue other free time in 1983. The map sat in the attic of our home in Cold Spring, New York, gathering dust until one day my son found it while rummaging around and brought it to down and wanted to know what it was.When I saw them, I dusted them off and continued my project, which now comprises almost 3100 individual eight by ten inch panels.Executed in acrylic, marker, colored pencil, ink, collage and inkjet printing on heavy paper is determined by the interplay of an elaborate set of rules and randomly generated instructions". I asked if they were prints or originals and got the answer that each card is unique, a print that is manually processed between 5 and 50%. It lies somewhere between reproduction and original and is comparable to hand-colored prints.


Eve Black