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Hall Bio

Michael Hall was born in 1962 in Heidelberg and livesin the "Kraichgauer Kunstatelier" since 1989.
For his drawings on paper Hall uses hard crayons that he applies in several vertical layers to create fine areas of color. His subjects are allways two-dimensional. The floor plan and the arrangement of the figures are exclusively arranged according to the aesthetic order of his compositions. Similarly, the size of his characters does not depend on real proportions, but of their importance to the image content.
He describes himself as a "joker" and loves to incorporate little jokes into his pictures. In his spare time he likes to listen to old folk and pop music whose lyrics he learns by heart. Such content, but primarily personal experiences, mainly determine its image issues.In addition to the drawings he produces sporadically sculptures that are up to two meters high. This can be quirky "owls", columns, vascular-like or flat, pad-like structures made of paper mache. He sees the completed form as an extended, three-dimensional picture plane, which he covers with his stick ornament color ink drawings. He loves the different planes and perspectives, and he treats the subject in a graphically well ellaborated way.



Michael Hall