A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you




"Crazy Hollis is from East Texas, he is a self taught artist, very sincere but very shy. Its for this reason he has missed some great art exposure. I am his wife Jane and I have collected his paintings, drawings, sculptures and other works over the course of a few years now. Hollis says "every day with art is a good day" He does not use the computer social media or watch TV, but you are welcome to share his work if you like. He spends 12 hours or more a day painting, making sculptures and other crafts. Locally in Canton Texas and other places he has a small following that supports his work and has shown his work in small galleries, art shows and festivals".

These 3 other drawings where for sale on eBay along with the "Cuban she-devil":


Crazy HollisleerUSA-Outsider Video