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Jaber was born in January 1938 in M'saken, near Sousse in Tunisia and he died on 17 October 2021 in Paris and was burried in M'saken. With three years half-orphan and with six orphan, he grew up with his sister. He was a shepherd and baker in Sousse. In 1956 he moved to France – first to Marseille, than he settled in Paris in 1958, where he worked as a baker. One day Jaber was boxer. Finally, actor and singer where he showed his talents on the Esplanade de Beaubourg. He traveled to the U.S. to marry a rich American, he had met in Paris, from which he was divorced two years later. In New York in 1971, he received the first prize of Plainfield's Annual Festival of Art From 1976 he lived in Canada, Morocco, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and returned in 1979 to Paris, where he lives in very humble circumstances today. His gouache, acrylic paintings, or bandaged plaster sculptures are very colorful, the characters mostly surrounded in black. His pictures are always enriched with words and numbers. Imagery, language, subject matter, ideas as well as his sign language are influenced by the oriental origin, which determines the artistic way of this outsider artist.

From french «Musée de la Création Franche» auf der Webseite «artpulsion.com»


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