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Aconcha Santz

Haas weitere Beispiele

"I am sitting here in my little room, scared of the world outside, my abstract thinking has started to capture everything and put it on paper. I have been an EU pensioner for 9 years.
Previously I worked in the restaurant for 12 years from 1997 to 2009, my family and I had run a restaurant, with food and drinks of all kinds and room rental for fitters. In the vicinity of Hamburg Airport. The restaurant still exists today and the new tenants have taken over a good running business, I had to give up the lease due to illness.
I started painting when my great love broke up with me. And at first my pictures were dark, but at some point I wanted to paint nice big bright pictures and play with the colors. I always try to add something new to the faces of the characters to give them a bizarre and surreal expression. Also, I show my little room in my pictures. I have not participated in exhibitions, I just enjoyed painting." B.J. Hamburg, 15.08.2018


Benjamin Jahn


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