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Haas weitere Beispiele

Willie Jinks was born on 11 November 1921 as one of 13 children of a farmer in Locust Grove, Georgia, and died there in early April 2012. In early age he was fascinated by animals, nature and mechanical things. Willie spent most of his life in Atlanta where he worked as a garbage collector for the removal, from which he began to find items that he began to paint after his retirement as an outsider. He painted doors, sheet metal, wood, paper, shoes, luggage, everything he had. He is famous for his "Hoperman figures" (Hobbyman), which appear in many of his works: probably himself, because he took the phone and answered as Hoperman. A special feature of his works are the inscriptions, sometimes to be deciphered, but occasionally used only as design elements. Pictures of Willie Jinks, the photograph at the right: Willie Jinks shows one of the drawings of the collection.

By the way: Willie Jinks pinwall is the most watched of all my pinboards! From February 2014, the list of observers grew explosively, and by April, there were 5500 observers, followed by the Willie White wall, with 3750 observers, while all the other pinboards had fewer than a hundred observers each ...

Willie JinksleerUSA-Outsider Video