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julia sisi

"As a female human animal who paints, I want to share the perception of females. Inspired forced to be represented by my female being, I paint other strong women, goddesses and mythical queens and transform the paper into a window to my inner world. When self-questioning, get unexpected answers. I m always searching, to live constantly evolving and starting always from the beginning, always beeing prowd to be a woman".
Julia Sisi was born in 1957 in Argentina, of a Spanish mother and a South American Native father (Guarani Indians). As in the seventies the country was dominated by military dictatorships and therefore she went in 1980 into exile in Spain, near Barcelona in the Girona area. Since 2003 she lived on the volcanic island of El Hierro, in the Canary Islands and since October 2013 in a quiet hamlet in a rural location in La Creuse, France, in the Millevaches-region.


Julia Sisi