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KendallShe writes about herself: "I was born in 1955 in Cheshire England, was folk singer and guitarist at the age of 16, married at 18 and had my family when I was very young. I played as a support for some well-known musicians, 1981, I moved to the Orkney Islands, sang locally recorded two folk albums and sang on the radio and BBC television. I also worked for many years as a childminder and in social work from 1992-2007 and stood above all charity events, weddings and concerts.
Painting and drawing inspired me as a child and I had the pleasure of advanced art class at school. I dedicated myself to the art, especially when my children were very small, and while I worked as a childminder. For health reasons I retired from work in 2007 and began to paint. Screens first, in the last few years I developed the style that is now visible on eBay. In the summer I paint on canvas and in the winter I do pen and ink drawings, watercolors and ink paintings. I appreciate my art for charity and to cover the material costs to sell online on Ebay and hope to sell a few pictures in a Liverpool art gallery and locally in Cheshire in a few souvenir shops. Since 2007, I have sent pictures and drawings in the world.
My parents are originally from the Irish Republic and found I had inherited musical skills and artistic talent from my mother's side. My daughter is also a singer, songwriter and writer. My son plays blues guitar and my youngest daughter is a lawyer, but also a passionate actress.
I now give to my grandmother and the grandchildren, living in Scotland, in summer art classes in her garden. I want to pull me back in my favorite area of the Yorkshire Dales and paint there and draw."

René Kolb