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Bio Kuhn
Donna Kuhn was born in New York City in 1959 and fled to California as soon as she could. She studied art, poetry, expressive arts therapy and dance at various colleges around the country and taught art, movement and writing at nursing homes and retirement centers when she got her Adult Education Credential. She received a B.A degree in Creative Writing in 1981.

Although she drew realistically as a child her own natural style was that of Outsider Art. She is influenced by Dubbufet, Klee, Picasso, Abstract Expressionism and African Art. Her work has been shown at the Paris Outsider Show, Outside/In, High Lonesome Gallery, Outside of Seattle, Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery, KD Outsider Art, Judith Scott Tumbler, Circus Terminal Worldwide Tour, Uncooked Culture and online in literary art magazines.

She turned to video as a compromise with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it came to include all her at forms in one place. Although she is a digital artist her works on paper and canvas are primarily of mostly female faces. Her art can be seen on her website at donnakuhn.com and they will be for sale there shortly.

She is thrilled to be part of this Art Brut collection in Switzerland

Donna KuhnleerUSA-Outsider Video