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Aconcha Santz


His artistic activity begins in childhood, when he manufactures toys and models from found materials. Lauener works transform the reality into a personal mythology.Lauener inspired by his fantasies and memories of personal and general, he works without templates and without sketches. "When I work, then I move in its own world, a colorful world in which I can dive" Heinz LAUENER from Bern said: "The final idea is in my head. You just have to get out and implemented. "In this way, works with a distinctive, personal style, which can not be classiefied. It is this range of different elaboration of the charm of Art Brut and Outsider Art. The viewer is repeatedly attracted anew "raw art" in the spell of this and captivated by the particular perspective and view of the inner and outer world.

Heinz Lauener