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Aconcha Santz


Mayoral was born 1961 in Madrid and lives in USA. He has no artistic training. The first small painting bought came unsigned an when I regretted this, Mayoral replied that he would have signed it on request, but he did not think, his work were so important... Sometimes later, I realised that pictures of Mayoral could vary a lot and by chance I also found an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 19.07.2012, where Vita von Wedel described a phenomenon she called "cheap wayk", a movement against the cult of celebrity and against the established art world, which used the possibilities of the Internet. She than described Javier Mayoral.

A surrealist and his influences. Javier Mayoral calls his his small, about 20 by 25 centimeters wood panel pictures "Outsider Folk Art". After Til Mette had bought from him a Willy- Brandt-portrait and a Romanian astronaut and showed it on Facebook a race to Mayorals images began among his friends, including the comedian and presenter Wigald Boning.

They all wanted only one, then more and more. Because the originals show what the Ebay photos can not show : a steady hand , a perfect line and a touching immediacy.
Does Mayoral, born in Madrid in 1961 and for decades living in Miami, consider himself as an artist? He does not mind, but rather considered as a Surrealist, and important influences to the appeal of his pictures from: Dada, Fritz Lang, Miles Davis, Max Ernst, Bauhaus and ventriloquism. It is also important to Raymond Roussel's book "Locus Solus" whose surreal scenes had their influence on American culture to Hollywood .

You might be addicted. Meanwhile Javier Mayorals images on Ebay are sometimes already increased to more than $100, from repeat buyers : Those who have held one of the little quirky originals in hand, wanting more . He does not have to live on the way: Actually, he is a chef and worked for three days a week on private islands off Miami's coast.


Javier Mayoral