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Born in the USA on 30 October 1969, where the family during his childhood often moved. At the age of about 7 years he had an appearence of the spirit of his deceased cousin Annie in a series of intense visions in which she told him ahead the planets future. Although still connected to the otherworldly experience, this connection is now mainly in his art and he experiences himself as a medium more as an artist. After migrating to Australia in 1994, he founded "Art Visionary", a magazine as a forum for like-minded people. Visionary art is the spiritual, psychological and emotional levels of a common consciousness. Art as an expression of the interior shows the contrasts of light and dark, good and evil, fear and hope, and is a way to find a balance against the materialism and destruction, the direction which was taken by humanity. An article about Damian Michaels has appeared in RAWVISION No. 65, Winter 2008/09

Damian Michaels