A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Aconcha Santz


The unclassifiable artist Linda Naeff, 1926-2014, was a key figure in Geneva. With 88 years she painted, drawed and created until her death daily all kinds of creations with recyclied materials. The apartment in which she worked, was crowded with over 4000 works. In the "Ferme de la Chapelle" was an exhibition dedicated to the great Swiss Outsider Artist from 11th January till 9th February 2014.

"Painting for me is a real therapy." Linda Naeff is known for her paintings, but also for her clothes. She lovesto dress red, indicating it too. Besides painting, she also writes poetry.

At the age of 88, she was painting without breaking. "It's true, I have stacked so many works with me, that I have almost no room to paint, it happens that I paint my canvases on the bed." Linda Naeff has coped with many unfortunate events in her live by the grace and passion for painting. "I have discovered this talent at the age of 60 years and have not been able to stop. I started with drawings and in the meantime I use a wide range of different materials, as I am today," she congratulated herself .

Her unique works is followed by a broad and very mixed crowd. At many places in Fribourg, Bern and Geneva, she exhibited and her works were admired and discussed. Aside from her work, she has a very open personality. "I love people and they give me their affection back," she admited.

Linda Naeff