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Her first painting in the collection was acquired in 2015 in Essaouira in a shop on the rue Skala, at the corner of a side street, Following are three other paintings by the artist which where hang outside around the entrance of the shop. The shop has a website: http://zakorakis4.wix.com/lecoindesartistes and is on facebook under "Le coin des artistes". At that time, the owner of the gallery provided the followiing informations about the artist:

Naji Asmah is a self educated female artist aged between 30 and 40 – In Morocco, the exact date of the birthday of women is not communicated. She lives in 35 km near Essaouira in a small village called Ounagha. She is married and hase one son. She began to painti 3 years ago. My father Asman Said who makes paintings in sailings of boat  who advice her to continue in art and give her advices. Paintings used is oil paintings and sometimes she use the oil of car paintings..very shining paintings.

Naji Asmah is self-taught and between 30 and 40 years old (in Morocco, the exact date of birth, especially of women, is not known). She lives 35 km from Essaouira in a small village called Ounagha, is married and has a son. She started painting 3 years ago. The gallery owner's father, the outsider painter painting boats, Said Asman, encouraged her and gave her advices. Her pictures are painted in bright colors with oil and sometimes with car paint. The gallery has a facebook page: "le coin des artistes" and a website: http://zakorakis4.wix.com/lecoindesartistes.