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Camel Nehdi

"I have noticed that you left me a message on the virtual gallery arts.com. I Thank you for what you write, I'm glad you felt touched by my drawings and paintings. I have not given any details on the web, because I'd rather let my art speak. It is not important to talk but I can answer your question.

I am 42 years old and live in Poitiers. Currently I'm not working (parental leave), which allows me to take care of my family and to devote myself to my drawings and paintings. I draw and paint for 7 years as an self-taught artist. Since september, I take technical courses , which will allow me to express myself on other visual media as well.

I try to be honest in my work and express emotions: I try to make arise things that lie hidden during creation, be it whatever I am concerned with, busy or moved , be it a picture, a face, a meeting, a state of mind, a book, a movie or my family's daily life.

I'm a follower of two art movements: art brut and contemporary art. I work on canvas, paper and wood. From the technical side, I am curious about everything and like to mix the substrates and media (ink, markers, acrylic paints, modeling clay, collage... ) because I want to avoid repeating myself. I hope next year to have more time to work, since I have several art projects in my head. I am starting to get some work on the market. I have not yet exposed my works, but will exhibit next year because I have been asked to.

In any case, I 'll try to keep my originality, and exhibit at places like markets, hospitals, retirement homes, to address people who have no opportunity to visit museums or exhibitions. I am cautiously making my steps on the art market as I would like to maintain my artistic liberty.

I am currently working for my pleasure with the intention of emotions that I have in mind, and to give expression to implement. I hope to have answered your question, best, Nehdi."
( Her answer at 11.5 2011 when I asked her about her curriculum after I had bought three artworks.)



Camel Nehdi
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