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Video Pelosi

Marilena Pelosi was born in 1957 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. At the age of sixteen, she became seriously ill and began to draw and paint to fill the empty days. She left Brazil to escape a forced marriage to a voodoo priest. There was a restless hippie era and two failed marriages before she settled in France. With felt pen and ballpoint pen, Marilena Pelosi brings an eerie and unsettling world on paper, cruel tale that can sense their native culture with lush Catholicism and feverish Macumba. Her dark universe is staged like the intimate drama of a secret ceremony between magic and black magic ritual.
Marilena Pelosi lives and works in France. Her works are in many public and private collections, such as the Museum of Creation Franche, Begles (Gironde) and in the museum Fabuloserie, Dicy (Yonne).

This portrait Marilena Pelosi comes from a video of the Musée de la Creation Franche, 2012 upon which to the viewer erläutert.Ich their operation no working link Making the video to start the video from here directly, but Google should the video below "Marilena Pelosi" easy to find.. (https://vimeo.com/62332116)

Marilena Pelosi