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Born in 1957 in New York. "As soon as I could walk, my parents took me to New York museums. My father was a talented logo designer – among other things he designed the original Coca-Cola logo. Art of the 50s of the 20th century has always fascinated me and has stimulated my imagination. As a young boy I could sit mesmerized in front of the long forms, colors and compositions. I have a split personality and I am always working on several pieces next to each other, on one side I paint and I draw inspired from art in the mid 20th Century, at the same time I dedicate myself to pop surrealist photography. My work follows influences of Frank Stella, Ellsworth Kelly and Adolf Gottlieb, and then deviates in the direction of a contemporary outsider in the sense of Art Brut. Random words, letters and numbers are sometimes included in the compositions with or without rhyme or reason.My photographs are influenced by Diane Arbus and Mark Ryden. They alienate portraits digitally dolls pictures".


Cesar Araos