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In July 2014 4 drawings of an Art Brut artist "Saint Sexe" were given to the auction on ebay. When I asked who was "Saint Sexe" I was answered: "Saint Sexe" is a man of about 60 years. When I met him, he lived for several years in his car, he now lives in a room and receives a disability pension. I visit him from time to time as a social worker or a domestic help are with him. He leads a lonely life, hardly goes out and draws in "phases", according to his inspiration. His drawings are very strong, very moving. Of course he is self-taught. And he always provides his drawings with his mysterious signature and comments on the back.
I like Art Brut and related forms of expression, so he shows me his creations more or less voluntarily, but I feel that you can not rely on being able to keep it that way. Recently he gave me his permission for him some of his drawings for sale to help him in this way to a little pocket money".
Together with the drawing I could buy were these three drawings, the one in the middle was my favorit, but I was not successful in the auction.



Saint Sexe