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Simo BalkenI am a Canadian painter living in Windsor, Ontario which is located right beside the Canada/U.S. border. It is a very industrial city. For those times when I felt that I needed more nature I created the Spiral Forest. It resides in my imagination and it is a beautiful place in nature where all sorts of fun, quirky and beautiful animals live and play together. What a wonderful spot this would be to have a little art studio to capture the goings on! You could say then that animals and nature are my muses and passion. Animals evoke a wide range of positive emotions & thoughts in people – joy, love, hope, humour and appreciation of beauty. I love to try to capture these feelings and ideas in my paintings. I am also drawn to the innocence of animals and their natural ability to live in the present moment.

I mainly work with acrylics and mixed media on canvas and paper. More often these days I tend to work in an intuitive manner where I have no image in my mind when I begin painting. I allow the painting to develop on it’s own without any controlling interference from me. The end result is a mystery and often turns out far different then I would have imagined. These types of paintings can take from a few days to a few weeks as they often involve many layers of colour, drawing and texture.


Arleigh Schwarz