A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Houck Eric / e9Art

Haas weitere Beispiele

" I was born in Arlon, Belgium, in 1967, have a degree in philosophy and worked in the printing industry for 23 years, but the company where I worked went bankrupt last year and I have to reorient myself.
I have no art education and since I am not a professional artist, I have not exhibited for more than 10 years. As I often say, "I do not know how to draw". I mean, I can not draw realistically. With digital collages and photos I can satisfy my taste for the figurative.
"The drawings of my earliest youth, where small colored squares side by side that formed what my brother and I called" Magasins. "This was my first primitive art full of innocence and concentration of children, but art lesson made loosing his originality and innocence In my work and I do try to regain the childish joy, and over the years it has also become a process of exploration and communication."
An impression of other work shows my Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/alain_valet/

Left: Two drawings of eBay, on the right a small illustration which was on the envelope, which the first of the drawings arrived.


Alain Valet