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He lives and works in Sète. His training as a cinematographer determines his painting. Visual acuity, acquired through years of filming, impressed him.

In his short biography he writes the following: "My name is Stéphane Vivier, called" stéphanvivier " I spent my youth abroad, Africa and Asia and started about the age of 20 years to work as a photographer of events in Lyon in the 1980s, I attended in Paris the Ecole des Gobelins, where I was trained as a cameraman and worked for fifteen years for all TV channels as assistant operator, operator and as chief operator.
In 1996 I moved to Montpellier and started an audio visual production company that went bankrupt a few years later. Then I started painting as an autodidact. First abstakt and later figuratively. My path leads me, I love a free figurative representation that tells contemporary or imaginary stories. I continue my way despite times of doubt, as I consider myself a dedicated free artist who sometimes offends society. Best regards, Stephane Vivier"

Stéphane Vivier