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cadoreThe mentally handicapped Carter Wellborn, brother of folk art artist Annie Wellborn *1927, was born in Bishop, Georgia, United States, lived with his sister in law, public art artist Annie Wellborn who died in 2011 aund died in October 2013 form a Heart Attack. About those regarded as one of the best authentic American artists of the South of the USA, Carter was filmed for a documentary on Southern folk artists. His works are in international collections and a publication to be currently in preparation. As a young man he worked on a farm, which triggered his passion for cows. At the beginning he drew with ink only cows, and later horses, clocks, airplanes, and human figures to do so. Carter Wellborn sprout pad made ??of pure joy, simple, colorful and unpretentious, with an innate sense of color and composition, he lined up with marker, pen and pencil drawings on the timings seem to hold in the farm as in a calendar. His childlike spirit is due to an easily accessible art that complements any Art Brut collection wonderfully. At age 84, Carter Wellborn is definitely one of the best truly authentic, intuitive American outsider artists.


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