A Swiss outsider art collection welcomes you


Aconcha Santz


The artist and her partner were friends with my father and we met her with at a party years ago. Since my fathers death in 2002, we have received Seasons greetings from this artist, for which she uses very different materials, often found objects from everyday life, such as wire, plastic, as well as crepe paper or colored silver paper, which she painted with watercolor, oil pastels and others, often visibly stitched together with bostich.

We have kept all of them, as I assumed so far. I particularly liked this year's New Year's greeting and I asked the artist, who has been working for herself for years and has only made a single public work in a retirement home, but never exhibited, whether she agreed if I was going to add her work to the present webgallery and I am very happy that she has agreed to be added to the page as the 120th artist.

Unfortunately, however, I had to conclude that the New Year's greetings are not complete and that onlya few are dated and that I had not added dates so that they cannot be sorted according to how they came about.

As soon as I will get more information for this page from the artist, it will be added here.

Hedula Wieser