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Saffron Wright

Saffron Wright is one of the most promising newcomers to the Barrington Farm Art Stuidio in Norfolk. Saffron produces drawings, prints, textiles and paintings, using bold lines and vivid colours. Her artworks explore aspects of her personal experience and interest in people, popular culture, animals and motifs.

Her early works feature a series of small delicate drawings of cats with elongated claws positioned at the top of an alternately coloured light and dark green stripes made with felt pen on paper. These images reveal Saffrons's natural ability with composition and colour, her love of animals, but also hint at a possible uncertainty of a world yet to be discovered. Her current work includes joyous representations of everyday things around her. (description in Outside In leaflet distributed for Outsider Art Fair 2016 Paris, 20-23 October 2016)

The artist is represented from OUTSIDE IN – the small drawing was purchased at Outsider Art Fair 2016 in Paris. For additionals samples of her works, visit www.outsidein.org.uk.



Safron Wright