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Ruth Arenz Bagley



Born in Warsaw in 1979. "I think my education can be summed up briefly as follows: abandoned profession - engineer and internal combustion engine builder, learned profession - business economist, practiced profession - painter, draftsman and draftsman, desired profession - saint." These words of the artist Wiktor Gorazdowski would serve as a fascinating introduction in his work and his personality suffice. After studying at the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, he turned to art - the immediate impetus was the exhibition of local artist Tadeusz G?owala in 2010. Wiktor Gorazdowski's colorful drawings are an intriguing combination of form and content. The artist uses his own rules of perspective and composition. He marks everything meticulously, with the precision of an engineer. In the outline he fills the shapes with color using cheap markers. His technical training is also reflected in the recurring cross-sections, in the complicated machines and systems. He likes to tell stories; His works are incredibly narrative and often have a second or third meaning. The artist is a witty storyteller; even in difficult or painful scenes he manages to crack a joke and unmask taboo subjects. Reality as he portrays it becomes surreal – or maybe it already is.

James (Buddy) Snipes