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Aconcha Santz

"I was born in Berne in 1956 and grew up in a rural agglomeration of the city. At an early age, I painted dogs, cats and horses for friends, colleagues and neighbors to occasionally finance a riding lesson. Unfortunately, I had no father (he died when I was 13) sponsoring me, but painting did not let me go. I visited regional markets to sell small pictures, and soon started to model clay animals and created small-scale artworks. Beside, I worked in horticulture and with horses, and at home my personal garden became a work of art and my paradise. In the nineties, by accident, I discovered welding: animals, small, large, rust pictures etc. were created and painting moved slightly into the Background: I often took small pictures with me when I exhibited my iron sculptures. Now, getting older, I abandoned the welding process and devote myself exclusively to painting. I used to paint often, what people liked – today I take the liberty to paint simply, once in direction naive art , now and then a large size in a modern style and evenings, when I find silence and peace, I paint the small, "abnormal" works. To this day, I find it difficult to show these in public, because I expect the echo would be rather negative, but I'm sure that will not matter to me soon".

Richard Chalmers