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King Orth Bio
Born in 1961 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.Raised in Ohio, had “normal” Midwestern upbringing, attended public schools, began obsessively writing and publishing poems, short fiction and translations in literary magazines thirty years ago while working as a freelance journalist and editor in Columbus, Ohio. Moved to Chicago in 1987 and began obsessively making art: paintings, bottle sculptures, canes, watercolors, signs, masks, and performance pieces involving home made music on keyboards and accordion. Self taught as musician and artist.Quit last regular job around 1990 and began selling art and working off and on in trades—construction, painting and drywall. Did first art shows and was featured in various Chicago print and TV media in early 1990s.Under the names “King Orth” “El Conde” and “Old King Orthy” showed widely in Midwest, and some in East Coast. Many shows and much selling of art of all kinds.After successful museum show at Terra Museum of American Art in Chicago in 1994 and having traveled widely in USA, England, Europe, Southeast Asia and India as young man, Orth left the United States for Oaxaca, Mexico in 1996 and stayed there for the best part of ten years, almost completely disappearing from the art scene. In 2006 Orth begins to travel again in US, then moves to Austin Texas in 2007. Starts a successful custom home painting company.In 2012, at 50 years of age and supporting four sons, Orth begins obsessively making art again, showing and selling work on Facebook and website. In 2014, Orth has studio operating at full speed, and making final preparations for “King Orth Fancy Man Road Show”—a mobile art exhibit & performance built around midnight blue Ford pickup truck—his re-entry into full blown art production.
King Orth on 8th May 2015: "Proud to have four pieces now in this beautiful Swiss collection--thanks Peter Bolliger!"


King Orth