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Armin Andreas Pangerl writes and draws on sheets and in books, since 2018 he has published his 5000-page autobiography, which extends from 1988 to the present. Pangerl lived partly on the street and he had cancer on three occasions. He went through many psychological crises, but the passion to express himself artistically has always remained. Pangerl says about his work today: "Today the focus is on drawing and text images. Henry Boxer was the first gallery owner to represent my work and you can find it on the website https://www.outsiderart.co.uk/artists/armin -andreas-pangerl. I am very happy to have found someone in Peter Bolliger who has included me in his collection. The meaning of my sheets explains that I have to bring my personal madness into a form in order to live not to despair.This dissolves my thoughts and irritations and I feel liberated.

Armin Andreas Pangerl