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Reuben Aaron Miller, 1912-2006, worked in cotton mills and served as a Baptist preacher. Plagued by eye problems, he had to restrict his work and began to pass his time making "whirligigs" with which he became known, mechanical windmills combined with flat metal figures and he drew and painted cut-sheet figures. Until the mid-1980s, Miller's Court was a landmark, a hilly area with hundreds of wind turbines, which attracted many visitors.

Dealers and collectors began to purchase his work, human figures, red devils, angels and American cultural icons like Uncle Sam or Elvis Presley as well. Despite his fame as an outsider artist, he never raised his prices and you could buy it from him something for 5 or $10.

Hes popularity, the demand and his decreasing eyesight meant that family members also worked for him: a group of people was to cut and paint the metal figures. In contrast to the metal figures, his paintings and drawings are mainly by Miller himself, drawn with resin or with the marker on fiber Patten, they show human figures, animals and dinosaurs, also texts such as "Lord Love You" and are framed by simple decorative frames.

His works are found in many collections and museums. Articles where published about him in RAWVISION 36-2001, 56-2006 and the Outsider Art Sourcebook.


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