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Aconcha Santz

Mage Gill

I was born in the south of England in 1986. Drawing and painting leaves me with an odd combination of feeling calm and excited. I draw people who are experiencing all kinds of positive and negative emotions.
Chance operations play a key role in the creation of my drawings and paintings. I like to describe my pieces as doodles - images that take shape as they grow, rather than planned pictures. Pens are my favourite tools for drawing, but I occasionally paint and collage too.
Many of my drawings have short little stories that go with them. Some pieces have Gods or other spiritual elements, but most feature normal people experiencing situations and emotions faced by millions.
I love to browse art by people I’ve never heard of. The composer John Cage also brings me great creative comfort and I enjoy reading about his methods.
In 2017, my partner and I decided to give up our day jobs so that we could live anywhere and spend our days doing what we love. I went to university in 2004, which has enabled me to make ends meet through private tutoring, but my art techniques are all self-found. For years, I have created work and then kept it in a box or folder, but I’d now like to share it with more people.

Jay Snelling