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Peter Bolliger

Pierre & Ugo

For me two "highlights": left with my wife at Pierre Albasser in La Rochelle and right with my wife at Ugo Mainetti in Tirano

I was born in 1943 as the first of two sons of Sisi Bolliger, 1916-2010 and Hans Bolliger, 1915-2002. The father, the son of a carpenter, was originally a bookseller, then a collector and bio- and bibliographer for monographs of modern art. He knew many artists of his time and originals by Max Ernst, Arp, Kirchner and Picasso hung in our apartment. Once even Hans Arp was with us for coffee, which impressed me immensely as a little boy. The parents divorced. We boys stayed with our mother and father moved to Bern, where he worked for Kornfeld for many years before he returned with his second wife and a young daughter and opened an art shop.

While other children were playing outside, I spent most of my time drawing and painting. I wanted to become a graphic artist, learned the trade at the Zurich School of Applied Arts and completed my training in 1964. Then worked for two years in Geneva and two years in Paris. In my free time I drew and painted a lot, but the focus was on my job. After Paris I was in Zurich for three years and then from 1971 to 1973 I was in Karachi in the "Pakistan Design Center" a joint venture, as an expert. There I met my wife Heidi, who was the secretary of the consul general. We returned to Zurich together. We married in 1975, in 1978 I started my own business as a graphic artist, in 1980 and 1983 Dominik and Adrian were born. My job and family kept me busy and there was a lack of time and energy to draw or paint.

The sons flew out and 12 years ago I discovered Ebay, initially looking for reverse glass paintings, but then focused exclusively on Art Brut. I came across Jaber al-Mahjoub. His paintings grabbed me and I started collecting, following in my father's footsteps, so to speak. An artist unknown to Google soon followed, Ernst Kolb, whose drawings excited me so much that I wanted to introduce him to a wider audience on Wikipedia. For copyright reasons, his drawings could not be shown there. That is why I decided in 2012 to present my own drawings on the Internet, acquired the necessary knowledge and set up the page you are on here. The site has kept me in suspense ever since - a wonderful activity because it connects me with people around the world who share my joy in outsider art. To a certain extent, the website, Facebook, Istagram and Pinterest have become the gateway to the world for me. Jenniver Laureen, the bustling English gallery owner from Manchester, who I met at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris, publishes portraits of various collectors on her website under the title "Meet the Collector". to be represented with a contribution among much more important collectors.

In addition to my preoccupation with outsider art, I started drawing again myself after a decade-long break. Not out of my head like the narrative drawings of the younger years. As a participant in two groups who do nude drawing together, I really enjoy recording several short poses (1 to 3 min. Each) one after the other or long poses (15 min) from different angles on the same sheet of paper using a felt pen. There are now stacks of drawings and that's why I'm offering them for sale. In addition to the works of other artists, my own early works have remained appealing or "valid" for myself: they take me back to earlier years. So one day I decided to show my own work on my website, although of course I don't consider myself an Art Brut artist ...


Eric Houck (e9Art)leerPeter Bolliger (Meet the Collector)
Peter Bolliger (Meet the Collector)
Lineare Aktzeichnungen im Format A3 mit dünnem Filzstift gezeichnet, halten jeweils verschiedene Posen fest oder gleiche Posen aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln. Bei diesen Zeichnungen bleibt das Modell jeweils für 1, 2 oder 7 Minuten oder während 15 Minuten in der gleichen Position. Während andere Zeichner einzelne Figuren ausarbeiten, reizt es mich, diese auf dem Blatt von verschiedenen Standorten zu zeichnen. Ich liebe lineare, schwerelos wirkende Zeichnungen und versuche sie auf dem Blatt so zu verteilen, dass sie zusammen harmonieren und der Eindruck entsteht, es handle sich um mehrere Modelle. Das Besondere am Zeichnen mit dem Filzstift:
es ist keine Korrektur möglich, die Linie muss richtig sein, wenn man sich irgendwo verzeichnet, ist die ganze Zeichnung verunglückt...
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